Tribal Worldwide Melbourne wanted to work with our traditional craft teams and reinvent our approach to video editing, not to replace our video editors, but to enhance the process and enable us to ultimately have greater creative freedom and output. Schmackos (Mars) had the vision to try a programmatic approach.


By considering data at the start of the process we were able to prototype and create a video editing system capable of quickly outputting large volumes of creative video variations across the campaign whilst retaining the high level of quality expected by our clients.

Programmatic is not just about how we buy and sell ad space or optimise the serving of content; that is a very blinkered industry view. The looser term of programmatic describes the way that we are replacing some manual tasks across our whole industry with code. Of course all our work goes through manual checks and tweaks before it goes out, there still has to be people involved (editors in this instance).

In this campaign Tribal Worldwide Melbourne created a digital and social strategy in partnership with Facebook that put data as a key part of the creative process. The technology is nothing without a great idea and the DDB Groups flexible creative/production team delivered a concept that embraced programmatic editing.


We are awaiting our first round of results from the campaign but it has certainly caught the attention of the industry.