The Millennials market is staggeringly valuable. Commonwealth Bank have over 40% of the $100 billion on offer. Westpac have 11%. Our aim was to create a user experience that entertained, educated and engaged Millenials, and shift the perception of a 200 year old banking culture.


Westpac Get Cash allows you, or an authorised third party, to withdraw cash from your account, with a six-digit code, as opposed to a card. Typically banks use fake account numbers in these demonstrations so that viewers can’t use the numbers they see on screen to try to take money out fraudulently.

Using the new cardless cash technology Get Cash as a vehicle, we replaced the dummy codes in a series of typical ‘How to’ videos with real ones and seeded them on Facebook. Our insight suggested Millennials would discover this ‘error’ for themselves and spread the word that if they tried to Get Cash using these codes, ATMs around the country would dish out free cash.

They started their own conversations, lauded our technology and demonstrated how it worked without the bank saying anything. In doing so, we demonstrated an attitude and empathy that youths loved, and showed how a traditional bank was relevant in their lives.

Tribal Worldwide worked closely with all our partners to create a unique multichannel digital strategy and user experience, delivering user journeys, all campaign digital assets and our automated video editing production for live in-campaign video updates.


Westpac saw a huge uplift in new accounts from the target demographic and their perception of Westpac has shifted significantly. Whilst we can't divulge campaign specifics we have won an Effie for the campaigns effectiveness.

Big thank you to everyone involved, a truly team effort between DDB Group, all our Westpac clients, Facebook, Mediacom and the many others that helped.